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Wildcrafting Standards

Wildcrafting is harvesting herbs in their wild natural habitat. We respect our wildcrafters and the heritage they bring to our industry. We strive to preserve the legacy of collection practices for gathering plants in wild ecosystems. We want to protect wild stands from overharvesting. We only use wildcrafters who adhere to our policies. Here is a list of the criteria we require of our harvesters.

  • Location and Ecological niche: We seek areas that are free of contamination from roadways, housing, poor water and air quality. We require a description of area, slope, direction, and proximity to streambeds.
  • Percentage of Population Harvested: We seek to protect pristine stands of herbs from being over harvested by determining what percentage of species was harvested and when the area was last harvested, to help allow stands to regenerate for future gathering.
  • Handling Methods: We seek skillful selection with expert knowledge of species. Careful separating, garbling, drying, and cleaning of product ensures herb purity and vitality.
  • Consistent and Accurate Record Keeping: To include time of day, temperature, weather conditions and a description of the area; public or private land, logging condition, distance from the road, power lines and any known history of pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Personal Guarantee by the Wildcrafter: Each independent wildcrafter must demonstrate an adherence to the highest standards and must personally guarantee that each herb has been ecologically harvested. They must show regard for the integrity of the plant population and environment, and obtain any verification of species required from a botanist that may be necessary.