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Contract Growing


Pacific Botanicals rarely speculates on crops (in other words we do not grow more herb than our annual needs predict). This includes what we grow for contracts and shelf stock. Contract growing is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. We plan our crop acreage allocation in December of each year for the following year’s harvest (late summer for herbs and late fall for roots).


Depending on volume we can offer discount pricing for growing contracts. There are obvious economies of scale when growing and harvesting herb that can work to our Customer’s advantage as well as Pacific Botanicals.

What we can contract grow: (Generally a 1000 pound dry herb minimum)

Our catalogue contains a list of the herbs that we currently grow on the farm highlighted in blue under “origin.” Growing to order is one of our biggest strengths. We have grown a variety of botanicals for many clients over the years, from rye seed for organic whiskey to proprietary ingredients for botanical creams and medicines.

Give us a call at 541-479-7777, x104 and we will figure out a plan to deliver the freshest, highest quality product to you at harvest time.