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Pacific Botanicals

4840 Fish Hatchery Road

Grants Pass, OR 97527

Telephone (541) 479-7777

Fax (541) 479-7780

M-F 8:00 am 5.:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Website Questions: Andrea Babauta, ex. 110, andrea@pacificbotanicals.com

Administrative Services Manager: Jeanine Buckman, (Accounting, Customer Resources and Returns) ex. 100, jeanine@pacificbotanicals.com

Operations Manager: Mike Moran, ex. 101, mike@pacificbotanicals.com

Chief of Operations: Toni Corrente-Evans, ex. 104, toni@pacificbotanicals.com

Quality Control Manager: Dori Moran, ex. 102, dori@pacificbotanicals.com

Purchasing and Bulk Sales: (over 500 lbs.), Nathan Brennan, ex. 105, nate@pacificbotanicals.com

TO PLACE AN ORDER: ($100 minimum) Call the customer care team 541-479-7777. Option #2.
FOR ORDER RETURNS: Call 541-479-7777 ex. 100

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