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About Us


Pacific Botanicals is dedicated to empowering people everywhere to experience the miracle of good health.

We pursue our mission with the following commitments: Experience. Quality.Care.Trust.

We have been growing high quality organic medicinal herbs in the Applegate Valley for over 30 years. In that time we have learned which herbs do well here and have selected varieties that fit our microclimate and produce maximum potency. Our growing and processing operations have been certified organic by USDA and Oregon Tilth since 1979 and we have a passionate commitment to quality in everything that we do. We are not the biggest herb grower in the country but you can trust that we care for all the herbs we grow and sell. From the seed we collect and grow on our farm to the best cultivation and harvesting practices, crops flourish here and produce great medicine. Our care continues with friendly staffing ready to help place your order, and our mill crew who processes and ships your orders with attention to product quality, accuracy, and timeliness. In addition to growing herbs ourselves, we contract with manydomestic and international organic growers and wildcrafters in order to source quality herbs from more appropriate growing regions. Our longstanding relationships with these suppliers helps ensure that we are sourcing products that meet our high standards of quality.

We trust our herbs year after year. We trust them because we know how to get the best from them. You can trust them too. You can trust that the very best knowledge, resources, and care have gone into the raw materials that you will use in the products you provide to your customers.



With the huge brokering warehouses that supply herbs today, it is easy to miss out on the importance of building good working relationships. We have tried to keep our business a manageable size so as not to lose sight of the relationships we have built over the years. Whether you are an individual, retailer, practitioner, or manufacturer, you always get the most conscientious service we have to offer. We value each customer and are committed to supporting you in your healing endeavors and enterprises.

Building relationships: Time, sincerity, and generosity of spirit.
We are committed to building relationships with our customers and the personal touch we offer because we’re a smaller company distinguishes us from some of the larger operations. Our employees are not “just order takers” but truly offer up a genuine spirit of generosity that touches people’s lives. Whether you are a home herbalist, an herbal supply store, a practitioner or a manufacturer you will find a listening ear and a helpful attitude here at Pacific Botanicals. We genuinely want to help you make a difference. Although we continually make improvements and technical upgrades here at the farm, nothing will ever change our philosophy about connecting with people, first and foremost, in a meaningful “non-technological way.” You will find that our people make the difference!


Each aspect of our operation contributes to making our business greater than the sum of its parts.We see our farm, its people, and processes, not as a factory but rather as a living whole system.We recognize that organic production and processing integrates social, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. The ecosystem at Pacific Botanicals is alive and has many interwoven components; from the seeds to the soil, from the climate to the people who work here.

We honor and respect the hawks, osprey, kites, muskrats, foxes and geese who make their home here. We know that we cannot just be takers but also musts give back to the land. We know that the land must be nourished, consistently replenished, periodically rested, and the biodiversity protected and maintained, for it to give its best. We value our human resources and treat all of our team members with the same respect.


Being a Good Steward of the Earth and Its Resources

Sustainability is the foundation of organic agriculture. At Pacific Botanicals it means that we cooperate with the natural renewing and sustaining power of the earth. All too often on large scale corporate farms today, in an effort to maximize crop yields and profits, natural resources become depleted.This works against the natural sustaining cycles of the environment. We are committed to sustainable farming practices that foster and support a healthy thriving ecosystem.


Healthy soil is living soil. We encourage the life of our soils through crop rotation, cover cropping, farm-made compost and resting our fields for several years before returning them to production. We take extra care to avoid soil compaction and erosion. We use cultivation practices that build tilth rather than destroy it, and use techniques appropriate to the many soil types found on the farm.


Our water comes from the Applegate Valley Watershed and is very pure. The people of the Applegate Valley established the first watershed council in the U.S. to ensure that our water supply would retain a high quality standard. Our water supply is abundant and consistent and allows us to grow a large variety of crops through sound irrigation management in the growing months. The Applegate River that feeds our irrigation comes from the pristine snowmelt of the Marble Mountains of Southwest Oregon. There are no large polluting towns nearby and the isolated location of the farm along the river provides a buffer zone against any chemical spraying. Our generous 40-50 inches of rain in the winter and spring, and the consistent warmth through summer and early fall, allows our plants to grow into the fullest maturity for maximum potency.


To ensure the highest quality and potency in our herbs, we collect seed from our own crops whenever possible. By saving seed year after year, we have been able to selectthetraits that are desirable for medicine and for growing in our particular microclimate.


To us success means that everything, and everyone, works together to accomplish our mission: Pacific Botanicals is dedicated to empowering people everywhere to experience the miracle of good health!

work hard to support our employees’ contribution to our mission. Each employee, through their efforts, has the opportunity to be an integral part of the success of Pacific Botanicals. Our team operates a thriving global business with management expertise in operations and human resources, milling, sourcing, inventory management, quality control, marketing, and field operations. What brings it all together is a positive attitude expressed through love for the land and our healing-oriented mission. Our people strive to treat our customers with the utmost integrity and professionalism while extending a spirit of compassion.

Commitment to Quality

Why not put the finest product into your healing medicines?
Commitment to quality permeates our whole operation and sets us apart from many other farms and herb brokers. We choose not to sacrifice quality, whether in growing or sourcing our botanical products. We choose not to take chances on foreign grown products of questionable quality. Over 100 of our USDA, and Oregon Tilth certified organic products are grown right here on our farm. This means that our herbs may cost a little more; but we promise that you will not find better herbs anywhere. Our feeling is that if we are going to support you in your healing work of providing alternatives to traditional chemical medicines, shouldn’t you receive the finest ingredients possible? That is why we are here.

Organic Certification is the Cornerstone of our Commitment to Quality. Each year our farm, mill, and warehouses are inspected and certified by Oregon Tilth (OTCO). OTCO is recognized as one of the most rigorous organic certifying bodies in the country. Oregon Tilth certifies us as processors and handlers both nationally and internationally.

“Organic” refers not only to the medicinal herbs themselves, but also to how they are produced and processed. Organic agricultural is based on a system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems and maintains and replenishes the fertility and nutrients of the soil without the use of synthetic substances.We are certified so that you can depend on our standards of quality. Certification requires that only approved methods and materials are used in growing and processing. The USDA guidelines that we follow assure you the highest quality as a baseline.

Certification means:


We do purchase herbs from overseas. However we only buy from sources we have developed relationships with and who adhere to our quality standards. All products go through our rigorous quality control process before we make them available to you.You may pay a little more for what we provide but our quality standards and experience will assure you of the getting the highest quality products possible.


“Grown Without Chemicals” means that our herbs are sourced from known and trusted suppliers who cultivate their herbs without pesticides, herbicides, or any chemicals. We require these herbs to be grown with the same standards as certified organic. Often times the supplier elects not to become certified because of expenses associated with the process. We have thoroughly researched these sources and can offer a small selection of these products from trusted sources when we cannot find sufficient certified organic or wildcrafted sources. Less than two percent of our products are GWC.


We respect our wildcrafters and the heritage they bring to our industry. We strive to preserve the legacy of collection practices for gathering plants in wild ecosystems. We only use wildcrafters who adhere to our policies. Here is a list of the criteria we require of our harvesters.


Every person at Pacific Botanicals plays an important role in our quality commitment. In addition to the rigorous organic requirements of our USDA/Oregon Tilth Organic certification we have strict quality control for all of our sourced herbs.

Infestation Protection

Pacific Botanicals herbs are diligently inspected. It is our policy to freeze particular herbs prior to shipment to prevent certain types of insect manifestations.

Our People

Mark Wheeler - Founder
The soul of our farming operation is our founder Mark Wheeler. He established Pacific Botanicals in 1979 after healing himself from a long bout with chronic colds and flu using simple herbal remedies. Mark was so inspired by his own healing that he started a small farm in Southern Oregon to grow organic medicinal herbs. After 10 years he moved the farm to its present location in the heart of the Applegate Valley where he eventually expanded the farm to its present size of 140 acres. Mark’s experience and expertise, developed over three decades in the medicinal herb business, has allowed Pacific Botanicals to become a leader in our industry. Mark has a simple but powerful vision: to help as many people as possible experience healing by providing them with the finest quality organic medicinal herbs available. To assure you of quality Mark participates directly with Pacific Botanicals quality control team on decisions about the quality of herbs that we source and sell.

Mark is a man of few words who puts his heart into the work he does. He is passionate about organic and lives his life with an exceptional commitment to sustainable practices and personal simplicity. He is a leading international figure in the organic agriculture and medicinal herb field and is in demand for speaking, teaching, and other herbal educational events. He conducts educational tours here at the farm for students, educators, and practitioners, and is committed to organizations like United Plant Savers and The American Herbal Products Association. Mark's passion is traveling and outdoor adventure. He is an accomplished whitewater rafter and loves his time on the river with family and friends.

Toni Corrente-Evans - Chief Operations Officer
Toni is our chief operating officer. She is a certified human resource professional and certified coach, bringing 40 years of business leadership experience to the farm. She has inspired the growth and development of the customer service aspect of our business and her leadership has helped create a culture of teamwork here at the farm. Toni is inspired not only by the healing mission of the farm work, but also by the peace and fulfillment she finds here. Toni takes care of all large sales and supervises our purchasing department. She works hard to build relationships with our regional, national, and international customers. Toni’s philosophy on life is to live with gratitude, express a generosity of spirit and always look toward the promise of possibility. Her favorite herbs (at the moment) are Tumeric, Devil’s Claw, Hibiscus, and Chamomile. Toni loves to go RV'ing, visit friends, garden, read, do art projects, and explore the wild natural beauty of Oregon. She is married to a wonderful guy (D.E.), has two fantastic stepchildren, three grandsons, four granddaughters. She has a little white dog (Coton de Tulear) named Lizzie who is very entertaining. The thing she would most like to change in the world is to eliminate world hunger, especially among children. To this end she has sponsored a child from the Philippines through Children’s International for the past 15 years.

Mike Moran-Assistant Operations Manager Mike is one of PacBot’s most experienced employees. He is married to Dori Moran and has two daughters, India and their new baby girl named Autumn Jade!

He loves the diversity of work he does here at the farm, from inventory management to talking to customers on the phone. His passion is sustainability, renewable energy, and self-sufficient living. He and Dori are avid fans of the southern Oregon coast where they enjoy camping and beachcombing. Mike also loves to surf and ride motorcycles.

Mike would love to see big money removed from politics in the form of campaign finance reform. He would like to see America reduce its dependency on petroleum and develop more of a sustainable energy future.

Dave Metzger - Farm Operations Supervisor
Dave has been working in agriculture for over thirty years. In addition to driving tractors, repairing equipment, and supervising the field crew, he enjoys the abundant wildlife that the farm sustains. Everything from bald eagles, cranes, kites, hawks, swallows, deer, foxes, ducks, geese, and the occasional cougar make farm life quite exciting. Dave finds the variety of herbal crops that we grow here very interesting and likes the challenge of growing so many different species. He also enjoys the people he has met and worked with here. Dave’s philosophy is that life is a great journey so we might as well enjoy the ride. He loves to garden at home, he is an avid outdoorsman and loves animals. He feeds the ducks, birds, and deer that live around his property. Dave’s care, and kindness permeates the work in the fields and his energy and devotion to the work are an inspiration. Dave considers health our biggest asset and his wish for the world is for people to find ways to get and stay healthy. His favorite herbs are chamomile and Echinacea purpurea.

Bruce Fain – Facilities Manager/Mechanic
Bruce has over 30 years of experience in heavy industry processing. His work has taken him from lumber, to stone, to livestock feeds, and finally to farming. Bruce has applied his experience and skill to all facets of our operation. From milling and fabrication, to building maintenance and equipment repair , Bruce keeps this place humming. His job is to keep everyone else on the job. What gives him satisfaction at the farm is his relationships with co-workers, the diversity of the work, and knowing that his labors directly affect the health of people all around the world. His personal philosophy is to live lightly on the earth by consuming less and recycling. Bruce lives on the farm and rides his bike through the fields from his house to the mill. He loves to grow and preserve many of the foods that he eats (including a dynamite salsa), collect antique medicine bottles, and explore the rich landscape of our state. If he had the power to change the world he would have us concentrate on alternative energy, liberate us from the grip of the oil companies and commit to being a fully green nation.

Dori Moran - Quality Control Manager
Dori has been with us for almost 15 years and has a great deal of experience in a variety of areas on the farm. She grew up on a farm in Maine and understands how varied farm work can be and the need for flexibility in dealing with its processes. She has a BA in zoology, laboratory experience, and her curiosity for living organisms has lead her to an interest in the vital health giving power of medicinal herbs. This knowledge and experience contribute to her work as a member of our quality control team. She is married to Mike Moran and has a beautiful daughter, Autumn.

Her personal philosophy can be summed up in this way: live simply, speak kindly, keep growing, be happy in life, and if your not enjoying what you are doing then make a change...Life is too good not to enjoy it! Her favorite plants are kitchen vegetables because they bring us essential health and nourishment. She loves all flowers and is especially drawn to the herbs Angelica archangelica and Nettles.

Dori’s spirit comes alive outdoors and she enjoys spending time in her home garden, at the Oregon coast, on hiking trails or on a raft on the Rogue River with family and friends.

Nate Brennan-Purchasing Manager
Nate is our Purchasing Manager. He is a graduate from the University of Oregon with a BS in Environmental Studies. The Ocean State, Rhode Island was his original home and much of his early work experience centered around the boating industry. He loves exploring the variety herbs we sell here and learning about their properties and uses. He enjoys our diverse customer and supplier base and the kind and supportive people he works with here.

He is married to Lindsey and has two children, Lilac and Nathan. His personal goals are to purchase a home and continue to work in a beautiful place with progressive people.

Nate is a super big music fan. He and Lindsay’s favorite group is Phish and they have been to over forty Phish events all over the country. He is an avid gardener and basketball player.

He seeks contentment in life and would like for people in America to learn to get along and focus on protecting the environment.

Lisa Ward – Office Manager
Lisa has a business clerical background and does every thing from bookeeping, product receiving and returns, to supplies management. She is a problem solver and affectionately refers to herself as our “internet procurement ninja.”

Lisa is a “cubicle refugee” and is grateful to work at Pacific Botancials because she gets to come to work and see the vital beauty of the farm. Her window looks out over the fields and she loves seeing the big stands of echinacea, calendula and red clover. She is a recent convert to herbalism and actively takes care of her health with the herbal tinctures she makes. Learning about the herbs and how they can support our well being is one of her passions. In the warmer weather she loves to walk on the farm with her dog.

Perhaps her biggest passion in life is music of all kinds. “I think music is the universal language, she says. I love live concerts.” Her current favorite music is classical jazz and especially the music of Billy Holiday. She says it speaks to her soul. But she also wants to explore live dance, and opera. For Lisa, an ideal day would be to take a drive in her Chevy truck with her dog Dizzy, (named after Dizzie Gillespie of course) get some great coffee, take a walk through the park, and sit and watch the river go by. She also loves being with her family, especially her nieces and nephew.

What Lisa would like to change in the world is to end racism and celebrate ethnic diversity.

Customer Care Team "You have the nicest people!" This is something we hear a lot from customers who order from us here at the farm. The reason for this is because our people really care. Great customer service from good people is a very big part of our mission. We asked each of our care team members to describe in one sentence what they liked about working at the farm. Here is what they had to say (Customer Care Team Photo From left to right: Dori, Nate, Erika, Donovan, Lisa)

Tour the Farm

Tour the Farm

Take a minute to enjoy a tour of the farm. We will add new photographs periodically so come and take another tour whenever you can…oh, and don’t forget for more inspiration check out our e-newsletter The Botanical Times. Take care and be well from all of us at Pacific Botanicals.

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