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Because of International shipping calculations your order must be placed by phone. Please call 541-479-7777 and choose ext. 100 to place your order.

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  • Wholesale Pricing:

    • We have a $25.00 minimum on all Internet orders. This amount is for product only. Shipping is added separately. (See below).

    • The majority of our herbs and spices are sold by the pound. Pricing is broken down into quantity discounts beginning with the 1-4 unit price. Units (1 unit=1 lb. for most herbs) are used because some of the more expensive products are sold by the ounce.

    • Quantity Discounts: We are a wholesale establishment. Discounts are offered “per herb ordered’ and not by total pounds ordered. Click on the details of each herb to see the specific quantity discount, how it is sold (ounces, pounds, or by the piece), a full schedule of prices, and more information.

    • Disclaimer: Pacific Botanicals does its best to manage information updates and pricing changes. Shipping costs may not be accurate at all times. Final pricing is determined at the time the order is placed into the order entry system.

  • Shipping:

    • All shipping amounts are UPS Ground only unless otherwise noted.

    • EXPEDITED SHIPPING: If you need expedited service please call your order in: 541-479-7777 then press 0.

  • Payment: We accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover card. Your card will be billed when the order is shipped, not when it is placed.

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  • Difficulties on the Website: Sometimes personal e-mail servers have special permissions that prevent on-line order access for security reasons. If this is the case, try a different web browser, a different computer, or simply call us at 541-479-777 option 2. We would be delighted to take your order over the phone!